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The 77th Chapter of the CMCA - established January 2006 at Sidmouth West Tamar
Chapter history & background
The Dalrymple Drifters CMCA Chapter were formed in January 2006 with their inaugral meeting being held at Sidmouth on the West Tamar.  There were 16 motorhomes present for this meeting with 2 apologies.  Five of the inaugral members were orginally members of the Island Wanderers Chapter, the orginal Chapter in Tasmania.  The Island Wanderers assisted our formation with a financial injection of funds to start our bank account.  The majority of our new members were not from Chapters so this certainly assisted us having a Chapter that did not have pre-concieved ideas re former chapter backgrounds.

The name of the Chapter "Dalrymple Drifters" was taken from the name of the first chart (map) that Matthew Flinders produced in 1798 for the area now known as Port Dalrymple.  This port area is found at the mouth of the Tamar River and the Chapters "catch cry" - "Where East Meets West" relates to the joining of the eastern side of the Tamar River to the western side via the Batman Bridge.   The inaugral Chapter Office Bearers were.  Chapter President, Don Mackrill - Vice President, Barry Collis - Secretary, Deb Smith - Treasurer, Quade Whitehead.  The Chapter Banner was presented by Don & Erica Whitworth (founding members of the CMCA) at the Mt Gambier Anniversary Rally in 2006.

2012 AGM saw a "changing of the guard" so to speak, with Don Mackrill stepping down and Veronica Lyons being elected Chapter President.
2016 AGM saw Don Mackrill being re-elected Chapter President after a break of some four years.
Chapter Executive Commitee 2017

Chapter President
Don Mackrill T16082
Vice President
Glenn Mackrill  T70708
Jnr V President
Reg Rigby T50286
Chapter Secretary
Jan Gursanscky T23983
Chapter Treasurer
Cheryl You Kee T23983

Committee Members 2017
Des Shearing
Jacqueline Shearing
Veronica Lyons
Rhondda Cattle
Liz Mayne

ex-offico member
Immediatte Past Pres
Veronica Lyons T3105

Previous newsletters

Members may contact either the Chapter Secretary or President re past copies of the Chapter Newsletter. Contact details are available in the Wanderer or direct email this webpage.

Chapter Mascot
"Tazzie" Devil